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Broker Platforms: How To Guide

4.Locate markets

Before you trade an instrument you’ll need to locate it in the markets explorer area:


Video Transcript:

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at locating various markets available to you within the platform and we’ll also take a look at using the market Explorer so that you can find specific trading instruments.

You will notice all the markets are available down the left-hand side and split up into folders to make it easier for you to locate. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

To start with we have the popular markets which lists all of the most actively traded products, on the platform. Next, we have the Global indices, split up into their respective regions such as Asia, Europe and the US. Now, if I wanted to view one of the induces within the subfolder, I’d just click on, say Asian, and it will show me the Australian, Hong Kong and Japanese indices.

Next, we have all of the FX pairs and once again, you will see that they are split into Euro, Pound and US denominated currency pairs.  So all the pairs against the Euro, Euro-Aus, Euro-Cad, Euro-Swiss and so on are available within the Euro sub-folder. The same applies to Sterling and Dollar subfolders and there’s also a range of other pairs for you to access and the trade.



Next, we have all of the shares, we have the UK100, the UK 250, and so on. We also have shares available in the US and once again, they’re alphabetically listed as you can see there. We also have access to European shares, so there’s a number of European markets that you can access, and they are broken down separated by country. 

Below these, you will find our bond markets for your Gilts, Bunds etc.

Next, we have energy where you will find your crude and light crude oils. 

And then we have metals which are your gold and silver for you to trade.

Now in the market explorer, you’ll notice there’s a search window, so if I wanted to locate a market quickly what I could do is just simply type it in.  If I want you to trade Euro Dollar I’d simply type in Euro Dollar and it will automatically find it for me.  I then select it and you’ll notice that it pops up in the right-hand panel.

It enabled me to quickly find the market and make a trade if need be. If I want you to find another market such as the Germany30, I just type it in, and it gives me the option of the daily rolling cash price, the future or the differential market.



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I select the one I want, in this case, the Rolling Cash and it will populate in the window on the right-hand side and enable me to place a trade, order or more information about that product.

So that’s how we locate markets and use the Market Explorer, within the trading platform.

We look forward to seeing you in the next tutorial. Thank you.


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