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Broker Platforms: How To Guide

13.On Chart Trading

This is a great feature when you’re analysing a chart and want to trade there and then. 


Video Transcript:

In this tutorial, we’re going to use the chart to place a trade an order. We start by loading a chart, so for this one, I will use a UK100 chart and ensure that the trade option in the top right is selected. 

When selected, you’ll see the live buy and sell price appear on the left-hand corner of the chart. It’s a place of trade at market we simply populate the amount box with the stake we wish to trade, in this case, one pound a point and click buy to execute the trade at the current market price. You’ll receive a confirmation ticket and if we close the chart we can now see the position in the open positions tab on the platform.

Alternatively, to place an opening order, we populate the order level box with the price level at which we wish to leave the order. So we can enter a buy stop at a price level at, say, 30 points higher than the current market price and again select buy to place the order. Once again, the order can then be viewed in the opening orders tab on the platform.

So that’s how we use a chart to open trades and orders. We look forward to seeing you in the next tutorial. Thank you.


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