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Broker Platforms: How To Guide

16.Transaction History

Having a complete breakdown of each trade placed on account is important, here’s how to get it:


Video Transcript:

In this tutorial, we’re going to review the Transaction History tab.

The transaction history tab highlights a number of key items including our trades, deposit history and withdrawals made to and from the trading account. Simply click on the transactions tab in the bottom window to view your current history.

All the details of your recently closed transactions are available here such as the open and close date, the market which you traded, the action that was taken, the amount per point you traded, the open and close prices, the final profit or loss on the trade, your updated account balance and the reference number.



You also have a few options from the drop-down view menu, which is available such as to narrow your search by transaction type, you can have a look at all trades, deposits or withdrawals.

You can also nominate the time frames to view and you can go back one day three, five, or you can do the entire history on your account. If you’d like to view your transaction history in an Excel sheet, simply click on the ‘download as CSV’ and your file will start downloading.

So that’s how we use the transaction history tab. Thank you and good luck with your trading.


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