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Broker Platforms: How To Guide


Watchlists allow you access and trade markets quickly. Setting them up is easy and can be extremely helpful if done correctly. 


Video Transcript:

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a new watch list, we’ve only those products that you want to review and trade on a regular basis.

By default, the platform will open up with the popular markets tab displayed. What we need to do is add a new watch list and today we’ll add a few products so that you understand how to do this.


These are the Markets You can Spread Bet


First, let’s start with the popular markets tab and select a few from there to add to our watch list. You will notice on the far right-hand side of each product is a file with a little green plus sign, this is the icon to add a product to your watch list.

Simply click on the icon on and select the watch list you wish to add the market to. So in this case, we will need to create a new watch list, which I will call Watch List One, the products will then be added to that watch list.


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If we click on the watch list one tab which now appears next to the default popular markets tab, you’ll see the market has now been added. You’ll notice the icon on the far right now has a small red cross, which means we can click on it to remove this product from the watch list again, if required. So let’s view a few more products now.

Let’s also use the search window to find some more products to add. Let’s type in silver, then select the product, and you’ll notice on the far right-hand side we can hit that add to watch list icon. Select our watch list one option and now lets see what our watch list looks like. 

You can see that it is well-populated and has all those products we may wish to trade on a regular basis in the one window. So that’s how we create a new watch list, you can repeat this process in order to create multiple watch lists should you wish to do so. 

We loss forward to see you in the next tutorial.


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