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Day Trading Setup

If you are a day trader, you will know that plenty of money can be spent on making sure that your home office environment is up to the task. This…

Revenge Trading

Sometimes, trading really gets tough. You make your trade, and you think you’ve got everything in place. It all looks good. Then it tanks. Even thou...

Why FOMO Can Obliterate Your Trading Profits

Trading successfully depends on a few factors. One of these is your mindset. If you’re able to cultivate the most effective, resilient mindset you...

What is the Legal Age to Trade Forex? (And The Best Age to Trade)

Traders have been making money off financial instruments for a long time. It has always held an attraction for any young person who wanted to build we...

Crypto vs. Forex Trading

These two areas of trading are very different, but similar at the same time. If we were to characterise them both, they’re fast-paced (to the extent...

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