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What is Trading Volume?

Published: 06/08/2020

In the markets, trading volume is too important to neglect. It can help traders analyse price-action, anticipate price movements, and identify possible reversal points of a financial security.  In this…

How do Dividends Affect a Trading Position?

Published: 06/03/2020

High-dividend stocks are very popular among investors who’re looking for regular income. When companies pay dividends, they share the wealth to the ...

VIX Trading Strategies to Help You Trade Volatility

Published: 05/29/2020

The VIX index is a well-known and widely-followed index that helps traders measure the levels of fear and greed in the market.  Although you can’t ...

How to Hedge Forex

Published: 05/18/2020

Hedging refers to finding a way to protect an active position against possible losses. In trading, hedging works much like an insurance policy: It eli...

Don’t Get Snared: How to Avoid Bull Traps

Published: 05/15/2020

When thinking about fake buying signals that “trap” traders in losing positions, bull traps are usually the first thing that comes to a trader’s...

How to Short the Market in the Long-Term

Published: 01/30/2020

Calling the top of an uptrend can be tricky even for professional traders. But if you’re convinced the next bear phase is just around the corner or ...

Revealed: 12 Struggles New Traders Face (And How to Overcome Them)

Published: 01/27/2020

Trading mistakes make the path to becoming a successful trader more difficult. New traders often face problems and struggles in their early trading ca...


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