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Don’t Miss Out On These 13 Facebook Trading Pages
Published: 06/13/2019

best facebook financial trading pages you can follow in 2019

While Facebook isn’t as popular as Twitter among traders, investors and market analysts, it still hosts a number of high-quality pages.

There are groups where traders regularly write about trending market news, trade ideas and setups, educational topics and opinions.

Some of them even offer trading contests and live webinars, while others have vibrant online communities where traders and group members can share their own trade ideas and comment on other traders’ views.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 18 Facebook trading pages that every trader should follow. Whether you’re into Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies or simply want to deepen your knowledge about trading with educational content, we’ve you covered.


My Trading Skills

We couldn’t begin without mentioning our own Facebook page. At My Trading Skills we cover a mix of skills, tech, market commentary, tools, lifestyle and industry updates from our experienced Head Tutor, Phillip Konchar.



Trading Legends

  • Wall Activity Level: High


If you’re looking for trading quotes, look no further than Trading Legends’ Facebook page. Over 21,000 people enjoy the page’s trading quotes from legendary traders, such as Mark Douglas, Jim Rogers, Bill Lipschutz, Peter Brandt and more. The quotes cover everything from trend following to risk management and are a great way to start your trading day.



Stock Twits

  • Wall Activity Level: High


StockTwits is a popular trading website where traders share their views on stocks they’re following, and this is the website’s official Facebook page. Posts are mostly of entertaining nature, but you’ll also find some market news published here and there. Over 37,000 people are already following StockTwits’ Facebook page, so if you’re into stock trading, this is one of the largest pages to follow.




  • Wall Activity Level: Very High


The official Facebook page of Instaforex, one of the largest Forex brokers in Asia, offers valuable content for Forex traders of all experience levels. The number of promotional posts and ads is quite low when compared to other brokers’ pages. Instead, traders will find useful infographics, trading strategies, market and trade analysis and a vibrant and engaged community at Instaforex’s Facebook page.



Harvard Business Review

  • Wall Activity Level: Very High


If you’re looking for a useful mix of market analysis, business news, live events, and interviews, then the Harvard Business Review Facebook group is a good place to go. With more than 3.7 million followers, Harvard Business Review is one of the largest Facebook pages in our list where traders can find comments and news of trending topics that can impact the financial markets.



MT5 Forum

  • Wall Activity Level: Very High


The MT5 Forum Facebook page hosts infographics, memes, market news, trading ideas and more. With more than 898.000 likes, this Facebook page should be on every trader’s subscription list. The active community regularly posts their own market trading ideas which adds to the social trading aspect of the page.



Forex Art of War

  • Wall Activity Level: High


Created by Vance Williams, the Forex Art of War Facebook page offers daily market insights, analysis, trade ideas and comments to over 68.000 followers. The author also posts links to important market news that could impact the market. The majority of posts cover the Forex market, but cryptocurrencies are also analyzed in times of high market volatility.



Forex School Online

  • Wall Activity Level: High


Interested in pure price-action trading? Then the Forex School Online Facebook page is the page to follow. The engaged community of the page regularly posts charts and educational articles that cover price-action trading strategies, including chart patterns, candlestick patterns, risk management and more. The page has already more than 184.000 followers.




  • Wall Activity Level: High


Oanda is one of the largest Forex brokers out there, and this represents the company’s official Facebook page. While the page is mostly used to drive traffic to Oanda’s blog, traders will find interesting articles on the financial markets, trading strategies, trade setups and business news on the page. Live webinars that cover a variety of trading topics are also often announced on Oanda’s Facebook page.

  • Wall Activity Level: High


Another big player in the FX brokerage industry, has over 34.000 page likes on Facebook. The broker has chosen a similar path to other brokerage houses and avoids posting promotional content, making the page a valuable source of Forex news, analysis and discussions. You’ll also find daily charts of top-performing currencies, CoT reports and more on the page.



Jarratt Davis

  • Wall Activity Level: High


Jarratt Davis is an active hedge fund manager who specializes in Forex fundamental analysis, making his page a great choice for traders who’re interested in market fundamentals and longer-term trading.

The page counts over 20.000 likes and new content is posted on a regular basis. It’s quite rare to find Facebook pages that focus primarily on fundamental analysis, making Jarratt Davis’ page an attractive one to follow.



Trading with Rayner

  • Wall Activity Level: Moderate


Rayner is a Singapore-based full-time Forex trader with an active presence on Facebook. His group has over 10.000 likes, and new traders keep coming because of his discussion-oriented Facebook group. Notice that this is a group and not a page, which means that all traders who join the group can have active participation in posts, analysis, or even post their own market views and ideas. The author regularly posts educational content in the group as well.



Stock Market Trading and Investing

  • Wall Activity Level: Moderate


If you’re into stock trading, then this Facebook page might be for you. You’ll find regular market updates and news, trade ideas and educational content focused on stock trading. Occasionally, the page also posts about other financial markets, such as commodities and cryptocurrencies. The fan count is rather small with around 6.900 likes, but given the valuable content on the page, we’re sure it’ll keep attracting new traders.


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