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Frequently Asked Questions

What is purposeful practice?

Sound theory is important but its not the be-all-and-end-all of learning something, especially trading. You wouldn't just learn the piano by watching someone, you need to practice to develop the skill yourself. But you can practice badly. Purposeful practice is when the practice has been designed to push you slightly outside your comfort zone. Think of it like this: practice will give you experience, purposeful practice will give you expertise.

How do students practise when taking a course?

As you take a course you will need to practise, the more you do the more you'll learn. We offer two types of practice as you progress: tasks and assignments. Both involve a practical challenge being set which has been designed to help you learn what you've just been taught. Assignments involve you submitting your recorded work for review and feedback, tasks involve a pre-recorded solution but no feedback.

Do I have to study your courses in a set order?

No but it helps. Our courses build on each other and are part of a wider trading programme. However, students can enter at a level that suits them. We recommend students take the courses in the order they appear on the course roadmap and dashboard.

Who are the students?

Our students help us break up the learning and ask the questions that typical students ask as they take the course. In our videos the students are actors.

How do I ask a question about the courses?

The best ways of contacting us is by sending a message on the chat box which is at the bottom right of the website or you can email [email protected]

What is your 14 day guarantee?

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all courses and subscriptions. If you're not happy with our service please email [email protected] within the period to request a refund.

What testing do you do?

We have two types of tests. Knowledge checks are short, periodic and normally come at the end of modules. The purpose of these is for the student to check their understanding of the subject matter of the module they’ve just studied. Knowledge checks are not mandatory, can be retaken an unlimited number of times and do not count towards the end of course certificate. End of course tests are longer and students passing the tests are awarded a certificate of achievement. End of course tests can be taken a maximum of three times and have a pass threshold of 70%.

Do I need to select a broker before I start studying?

It is not a requirement to open an account with a broker before you start studying but as you progress through the courses it will be helpful to at least have a demo (practice) account with an online broker as this will assist you with your practice. Our recommended broker is Core Spreads and a special offer for MYTS students can be found here.

How else can I prepare myself before I start studying?

Explore the Resources section of the website as this contains a wealth of tools and information that will help you as you study. You will also find an extensive dictionary of terms used in the trading industry in the 'Trading Basics' section, this can also be found in the 'Resources Section'.


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