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Top UK Finance Events and Conferences in 2018
Published: 07/19/2018

Top UK Finance and Trader Conferences and Events in 2018

One of the best places to get involved and learn more about finance and trading is at finance events. There are many conferences and events around the world, and with some of the best happening in the UK in 2018, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at what you need to be going to.


Fintech Week

The Fintech Week exhibition is five years old now, and has a reputation for bringing together the real movers and shakers in the world of financial technology. It’s worth attending this event if you have anything at all to do with finance. It’s a huge event though, one of the world’s largest Fintech events in fact, and does require that you spend a well-planned amount of time there.

The event is famous for being a collection of different experiences all centred around Fintech and financial services innovation. You’ll find workshops, hackathons and conferences from Fintech companies all round the event, and this makes for a nice mix of quality and variety.

It has a strong reputation because the event does bring together delegates from global Fintech all over the world. You’ll also get to see some high level speakers and solution providers, and if you can’t get to everything you want to see in one day, you can always buy a week pass.

It’s worth remembering that it’s not all about the Fintech startup either. Some of the workshops have covered legal matters around blockchain and investment in Fintech.

When: 6th-13th July

Where: QEII Centre, London

Cost: Starts from £454


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Financial Services EXPO

The Financial Services EXPO is a huge event, and it’s very respected too among the many finance events available. The event is focused on creating opportunities and training for financial services professionals. In addition to this though, the EXPO also offers plenty of interesting and varied workshops and seminars. The aim is to educate financial services professionals, and to improve their practice, but it’s about so much more than that.

There are so many exhibitors at this year’s finance conference that it’s hard to list them out, but some of the key brands who will be there are The London INstitute of Business and Finance, Nationwide, Natwest and Landbay.

The organisers state that it’s one of the best places to network with potential clients. There are plenty of opportunities for professionals in this area to catch up on CPD too. There are big names attached to the event too.

When: 12th September 2018

Where: Old Billingsgate Walk, London

Cost: Free


London Investor Show

London Investor Show has now been running since 2010. It is a huge series of finance events and training opportunities for anyone involved in investing. The comprehensive nature of the event means that practically anyone who has been involved in investing at a professional or personal level can benefit from attending.

One of the key selling points of this event is the number of providers that are available. Whether you’re managing a portfolio or trading with your own money, you’ll find over 100 representatives of funds at the show. This means that you can talk to professionals about stock picks, as well as more serious, long-term investing options.

However, the real clincher here is the opportunity to meet and network with professional investors and the traders the event brings together. It’s unlikely you’ll find this many professionals in trading, for example, under one roof. The popularity of the event ensures that people who look after and invest other people’s money all flock to the show.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, the organisers are happy to accommodate. Places are going pretty quickly thought, so it’s probably a good idea that you get on top of the application as soon as possible. Big names like Fidelity International will be there this year, so competition for space alongside them is fierce.

This year there is also a special summit about Brexit and what it means for investors throughout the country. Other seminars and workshops include one on the ‘three pillars of investment’.

When: Friday 19th October, 2018

Where: Novotel London West, London


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London Stock Exchange

This highly-respected organisation also offers a number of finance events every year. As you can expect, the majority are aimed at investors and traders.

The biggest one for traders is Trading on London Stock Exchange. It’s an amazing opportunity to receive advice and guidance on the nuts and bolts of trading at this unique venue. All aspects of the trading framework are covered at the event, and it promises to offer a unique insight on how to get the most out of the resources and the capacity that the Exchange carries. Some key aspects of the course include a session on how to spot market abuse. This is particularly relevant now, because there are so many issues around security.

Another excellent event to attend is Advanced Business Negotiation. This involves a top negotiator (with the London Stock Exchange) who will negotiate with delegates. All of this affords delegates a unique insight into negotiation for business.

When: All year round

Where: 10 Paternoster Square, London

Cost: Price on application


Lendit Europe 2018

Lendit Europe 2018 is widely recognised as being one of the best places to network with movers and shakers in the Fintech world. It’s held at the Business Design Centre in the city of London, and has over 150 speakers booked in, including a certain Mr. George Osbourne.

It’s also promising over 5000 delegates, so it will be busy. See it as a great way to meet startups and investors, as well as learn pretty much everything there is to know about Fintech.

When: 9th November-20th November 2018

Where: Business Design Centre, London

Cost: From £995


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Fintech World Euro Summit

The Fintech World Euro Summit is at Canary Wharf, and features leaders in this particular area of finance. It has a huge number of delegates, including people from the London Fintech community, and the speakers are always fascinating, rather than just useful.

The focus this year was on blockchain and other aspects of cryptocurrency. The focus was on new methods of payment and lending, and how they will affect finance and investment in the future.

When: April 2018

Where: One, Canada Square, Canary Wharf

Cost: On application


Women in Banking and Finance

This is a brand new set of events, but the organisers have already seen many of them sell out. Capacity crowds listen to speakers who have experienced being a woman in finance and business in general. The emphasis is on networking, so if that’s something you need to do, this comes highly recommended. Events run all year round.

When: All year

Where: Various places

Cost: £20 for non-members


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Fintechs and the Business Banking Revolution

This event focuses mainly on the Fintech effect for small businesses. There is a lot happening right now in the area of financial technologies, and artificial intelligence in particular, and the event promises to look at how Fintech will have a positive effect on the SME market.

David Jenkins is Director of Business Banking at Aldermore, and he will be speaking at the event. The whole event is business-oriented, and is aimed at helping businesses look after their finances better. For that reason, it is important to anyone involved in business or finance in general. It runs from

When: September 18

Where: Janus Henderson Investors in London.

Cost: Free


FT Investment Management Summit 2018

The Financial Times is arguably one of the most respected newspapers in the world, and it regularly holds finance events for its audience. Financial institutions listen when the FT speaks, so it’s well worth attending. Veteran traders and people in finance read the paper, so they can expect to get the most out of the various events it runs throughout the year.

However, the FT Investment Management Summit is the real jewel in the crown for the FT. It has some distinguished speakers this year, including representatives from the European Central Bank. The whole thing is chaired by the top journalists at the paper, and it is of particular interest to fund managers. It starts on

When: 25th September 2018

Where: London

Cost: £995 plus VAT


So there is the list of some of the very best finance events and conferences to be at this year. Be sure to look into them. We think they’ll be interesting for anybody in finance and trading.

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