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Top Financial and Trading Documentaries (And Why You Should Watch Them)

Published: 07/01/2018

It’s always been true that if you ever want to learn anything, listen to the professionals. In trading, this is no different. What follows is a list of some of…

7 Best Home Working Jobs You Didn’t Know About

Published: 06/28/2018

More and more people are seeing the benefits of home working jobs. It used to be something that only the truly lucky could aspire to. Or, it would be ...

The 7 Greatest Financial Trades Ever Made

Published: 06/27/2018

History is full of daring men and women who made fortunes on the stock market. That said, there’s a special place in history for a few people wh...

Opening a Trading Account – Special Offers

Published: 01/14/2018

Throughout our courses, in order to perform some of the practice tasks and assignments, you will need access to a broker’s trading platform, cha...

Opening a practice account


There are many benefits to a practice account. You can practice trade, use the charts and tools for free knowing its risk-free without any commitment ...

5 Risks of Financial Spread Betting

Published: 01/02/2018

Financial spread betting is all about finding the right balance between risk and reward, knowing when to up your stake and when to close your trade. T...

Spread Betting vs CFD Trading


Purchasing shares often seems like the obvious choice when looking to invest in the markets. Whilst shares have their advantages, financial derivative...


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