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Regular trade ideas, expert technical analysis and upcoming market events

The markets don’t wait for anyone. By subscribing to our email newsletter or by following us on one of our social media channels you will get regular trade ideas, real time technical analysis and reminders about big upcoming market events. This service is completely free.

We offer two types of update that cuts through all the noise and gets straight to the point. Students and traders use our Building the Evidence analysis to identify key trading levels, prevailing trends and sentiment in major FX, index and commodity markets. Our Week Ahead update helps traders prepare for the big market moving announcements coming up.

From time to time we also provide our take on big one off events no one saw coming so make sure you’re subscribed to stay informed.


Here is a sample of our Building the Evidence analysis approach:


This our headline approach to trading applied to live markets and sent straight to your social media stream.


Every trader should know what the next week might entail. This update, normally on a Sunday, will provide a short summary of what to expect from the economic announcements scheduled for the coming week. Here's a sample:


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