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Opening a practice account
Published: 01/14/2018

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There are many benefits to a practice account. You can practice trade, use the charts and tools for free knowing its risk-free without any commitment to open a live account.  However, when it comes to setting up a practice account it is nice not to be hassled by sales reps trying to upgrade you to a live account. There are some restrictions on who can open a practice account, US citizens can not.

Our preferred broker is FCA regulated Core Spreads, we’ve agreed with them that My Trading Skills students will get the peace and quiet needed to practice. 

If you decide to upgrade to a live account when ready you can take advantage of the special offer we’ve put in place:

Core Spreads Special Offer >>>

If you’d like to learn more about Core Spreads we’ve done a video introducing them:


We’re 100% transparent about how we operate, you can read our disclosure about our relationship here.





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