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Complete Spread Betting Guide for Beginners

18.Next Steps

We hope this guide has been an informative and helpful introduction to the world of financial spread betting. In it, we’ve covered many of the basics and some of the more detailed topics related to spread betting, including:


  • Why Spread Bet the Financial Markets
  • How Spread Betting Works
  • Which Markets You Can Spread Bet On
  • Basic Spread Betting Risk Management Tools
  • Spread Betting Regulation and Protections
  • How Traders Make Money Spread Betting



We’ve even delved into how to go about creating and developing trading strategies for spread betting.

Assuming that you have a sincere interest in pursuing spread betting – or at least in learning more about it- we’d like to invite you to join our My Trading Skills trading community.

You can learn more, practise trading, and get help and guidance with creating your own personalised strategy for profiting from spread betting the financial markets.


The Best Online Trading Education

At My Trading Skills, we offer complete, in-depth training in trading the financial markets through our unique set of online courses. Online education means you can learn at your own pace and in a time frame that’s convenient for you.

Our courses offer hours of instruction from professional financial trading experts

Our courses offer hours of instruction from professional financial trading experts – designed with state-of-the-art learning technology – to take you from the fundamentals of trading all the way to perfecting the skills and strategies to complement your personal trading style.

Some of the premier features of the MYTS online trading education program include the integration of teaching, practise, and feedback. After each section of the course, you’ll be given practise assignments to test your learning and skill level.

Then comes one of the most critical parts of MYTS training: following the completion of each course assignment, you’ll receive personalised, individual feedback on how you can improve your skills and move to the next level of becoming a master trader.


A Community of Traders Helping Each Other


One of the best features of MYTS is our online community.

The MYTS Community is where financial trading experts and traders of all skill levels come together each trading day to help each other out with information, ideas, strategies, and support.

Members of the MYTS Community have access throughout the trading day to broadcasts by a panel of financial trading experts, offering real-time market analysis and identifying trading opportunities for you.

In addition, being an inside member of the MYTS Community gives you a wealth of extra analytics tools including all of the following:


  • An innovative multi-view charting package
  • Live market heat maps
  • Financial TV channels
  • And specific technical trading signals!


My Trading Skills offers an unparalleled collection of online trading resources to help you become a winning spread bettor.

You can get started with our complete trading course, join the MYTS community, get regular trade ideas, see real time technical analysis, and stay on top of major upcoming market events.

Just click here now to go directly to the best online trading website to help you get started in financial spread betting. We even offer a FREE guide to finding a broker!


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