Review 5

HIGHLY EXPERIENCED Phillip is highly experienced trading various asset classes within the financial markets and it’s a privilege to be learning from someone like him who trades day in, day out. He is very passionate about trading and you can see it in his teaching, making the class informative and enjoyable with lots of live

Testimonial 4

DEEP KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING I found My Trading Skills to be very helpful in explaining how day trading is really done. Phillip’s deep knowledge and understanding of the topic is clear to see in his lessons and course work. I’d highly recommend his site to any new trader to learn the ropes before making the

Review Three

ONE OF THE BEST! Phillip is definitely one of the best technical and fundamental trading analysts. He is very passionate about the markets and community. He also has a great personality which makes the training enjoyable and easy to follow. Trading Experience: 2 Years | Preferred Asset Class: Indices and Forex

Review Two

EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE! Phillip has a great experience and knowledge about markets, and I think it’s important to gain such knowledge from someone who does it for a living and not just telling you things from the book. Every minute of the workshop is very informative and the way Phillip presents it is understandable from